Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

I guess this is a milestone. Bella is letting me get enough sleep at night that I finally had enough energy yesterday to tackle the kitchen and give it the thorough cleaning I’ve been dying to do for months.

I started just after breakfast. It began with running the vacuum to get up all the dirt and dust and flakes of onion skin. And then pulling up the towel that we had spread out on the counter for the drying dishes. It was starting to get nasty and I was going to put it in the wash. As I was doing that I decided to give the counter behind a few swipes with the sponge. Then when I moved a bunch of glass storage jars to get behind them. They were sticky with grease and I don’t think had even been properly cleaned when we unpacked them from storage in Dom’s attic last summer. They still had sticky tape grime on the lids. So I began scrubbing the jars.

Then it was a short step to wiping down the blender and the microwave. But I knew I was in for it when I decided to tackle the clutter on the window sill. Old jars and bottles caked with grime. The sill itself was quite nasty with grease, dust and pollen blown in from outside. And I recalled how sticky the windows themselves were the last few times I’d opened or shut them. Time to break out the Formula 409!

Next were the cabinet doors and then the stove and somehow what with the breaks for feeding and changing Bella it was somehow dinner time and I still wasn’t done with my cleaning binge. I gave it a rest, though, and didn’t resume until this morning.

Dom woke up to find me scrubbing the last set of drawers, having already eaten my breakfast.

Today I need to go to the library and the grocery store. But maybe I’ll vacuum the living room after that…. Watch out, dust, the cleaning lady is back in action.

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