Here we go again. Insomnia. Tossing and turning at 1 in the morning. What? The time stamp says 4? Well, yeah; but I’ve been up since 1ish. My baby girl? Sound asleep. She fell asleep soon after Dom brought her in at 1, sucking sweetly on my finger. I tossed and turned for almost an hour until she woke up crying. Then fed her. Now she’s sweetly sleeping once again. But I can’t sleep. Come to think of it when was the last time I actually slept next to my husband? I keep falling asleep in the recliner but for some reason after my first sleep of the night, when he’s still up with Bella, I can’t get back to sleep in our bed. I’m getting very, very tired of this. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that if I crept into the bedroom I’d toss and turn but if I curled up in the recliner sleep would come swift and sure?

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