Ok maybe it wasn’t the excedrin… the past few nights I’ve gone back to bed around 3am after waking up to feed Bella and have laid there for an hour or so, wide awake, until she woke up again for another snack. Is it just that I’ve adapted to her schedule? Or has the general lack of sleep messed up my internal clock? I fall asleep just fine at 9 or 10, leaving Dom to watch Bella if she’s wakeful. But then when I’ve got up for the middle of the night feeding I just can’t fall back to sleep. The past few days I’ve drifted off in the recliner with Bella in my arms for a few hours snooze between six and nine. But today I’m not sure I can do even that.

I’ve got all these blog entries in my head. I figure I might as well write if I can’t sleep.  Less stressful than tossing and turning, chasing sleep which runs ever faster away.

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