I’ve been doing laundry this week. Lots of it. I’ve washed the sheets not only from our bed but from the guest bed as well.  And the blankets too. And all the dirty clothes, not just enough to get by. And a load of baby clothes. In fact, if it could be thrown in the washer, I think I washed it.

Does that qualify as “nesting”?

Of course, today I feel totally wiped. After a day or two of high energy, getting lots of stuff done, I seem to need a day or two of napping on the couch, reading books, and surfing the net to recoup all the energy I spent.

Did I mention how long it took me to do the baby clothes? I kept stopping to absorb how absolutely adorable they are. And to imagine putting them on my baby. I did this as I put them in the washer, as I put them in the dryer, as I took them out, and as I folded them. Baby clothes are just too cute.

And I’m almost done with my baby quilt. I’ll post pictures when it’s finished. I’m very proud.


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  • oops. I accidentally deleted this comment when I thought I was replying.

    From: Jaded

    In a few years, when you have time again, get some quilting books or watch online. You’d be surprised at the complicated looking things you can do with the basic blocks.

  • Jaded,

    Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it and that’s why I post about things on my blog. I love to get feedback from readers.

    But I think maybe I didn’t express myself clearly. It isn’t so much that I think these things are technically beyond me. I have quite a few quilt books and am sur eI could with trial and error figure them out. But I’m not really interested in doing so. I would get bored or frustrated.

    I’m quite frankly amazed I have had the patience and follow-through to finish any of the quilts I have made. Throughout my life I’ve always been the kind of person who starts projects that never get finished. Even when I was a kid, my parents would joke that once I figured out how a toy worked it would then be relegated to the shelf to collect dust.

    I flip thorough quilt books and admire and enjoy many of the more complicated patterns. But they don’t appeal to the crafter in me. I don’t have the urge to try them out. I think I prefer the simple quilts, my own adaptations of the kinds of simple patterns I see in books, that I can reasonably see through to the finish.

    And I’m actually quite proud of the quilts I have made. One of these day’s I’ll get around to posting pictures online. I design quilts that reflect the person I’m making them for, the fabric patterns of individual pieces are frequently chosen with the person in mind as is the color scheme. I’ll never win any contests, but I enjoy quilting and I am satisfied with what I’m able to produce. Especially since I never thought I’d be able to do something like this at all. I thank God every time I finish a quilt for this amazing gift that constantly surprises me.

  • May not win contests myself but you have the most important part down with the thought that goes into it for each recipient.

    I love quilting.  I look at what I did like 12 years ago and can’t believe I was so afraid to do something besides 2 solids and a calico.  A friend dared me to try something new and different.  Now it’s an addiction.