33 weeks and counting down…


Dom recently posted this picture, which I hadn’t seen before. I stumbled across it today. Glancing at it unprepared, and not expecting to see a picture of myself, I was really taken aback at how big I look. The thing is it all happens so gradually. I had this weird thought the other day about what it would be like to wake up with all memories of the past year wiped away, to find myself in this very different body… odd thoughts.

I’m starting to really notice how hard it is to bend down and pick things up, to stand up from the couch, to roll over in bed, and to kneel at church—they don’t give you alot of room between the kneeler and the back of the pew in front of you!

Anyway, that’s my adorable nephew Joshua in the picture, Dom’s sister’s youngest child. He’s about fifteen months, just recently able to toddle across a room. Much of the time he still prefers to drop to all fours because it’s still much faster.


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