baby shower

baby shower

The shower was on Saturday, thrown by my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, but for convenience sake held at our house.
We had 16 guests, excluding children. Most of them were extended family, but several friends from chuch others came as well.
I’m glad they didn’t try to make it a surprise party… too complicated. But there was an element of surprise in that we weren’t sure when people were going to arrive.
Not much to say except that I had a great time. Good food—though I had way too much sugar with the hawaiian punch, cake and very yummy chocolate chip cookies. Alas, probably because it was lent, very few people ate any cake and we are now left with half of it. I dread facing my doctor on Wednesday and having him tell me that I’m still gaining weight too fast.

The gifts were all wonderful, people’s generosity never fails to amaze me. I feel rather guilty being the recipient of so much… first all the wedding gifts and now all these things for the baby.
But it is also a relief too. The traditional reason for a shower is so that the new parents don’t have to go out and buy it all… a great idea because it is all so expensive!

What we still have to get, hopefully we’ll be able to find on sale. Maybe we can find some of it used. We still need more clothes. I know how quickly babies can soil them.

Also need to start picking up diapers when I see them on sale.

I hope this week to start on a baby quilt. Alas, one of the drawbacks of being a quilter is that no one feels bold enough to make anything for me. I suppose they are intimidated by what they think of as my talent? I admit I am quite proud of the quilts I have made and do think I have a knack with colors—at least I generally like the way they come out. But it is humbling to find people praising them quite as much as they do. I just hope that I’ll still find time for my hobby after the baby is born.

Sadly, my mom and sister couldn’t make it. But fortunately I really do feel like my in-laws are family. I am so blessed that not only do I have a wonderful husband, but that he also comes with a great family. They are all so kind, so welcoming, such good people. Not to mention that I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world!
It was so fun to have the little girls there. Opening presents is ten times the fun with them oohing and aahing and vying with each other to bring me the next gift. Little 3 year old Catherine kept asking who all the gifts were for. I’m not sure she quite grasped that all this wealth of stuff was for someone she couldn’t see, that there is a baby who will be coming soon. Dom was great trying to corral them on his lap so people could see the gifts as I opened them—of course he’d keep getting them there, it would last maybe five minutes and then they’d be off again.

Yesterday I tried to sort through all the stuff. It really hit me when I looked at the car seat, sitting there and I started fiddling with the straps, imagining securing them for the first time to bring our little one home from the hospital. Wow, this is really going to happen!

Anyway, it’s late and time for bed. I’m quite tired after another installment of our birth class—I’ll try to write about that later.

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