Three Months to Go

Three Months to Go

THe baby is doing well. Quite the wiggle worm. Yesterday she kicked the monitor as the doctor was trying to listen to her heartbeat. She also likes to kick daddy, I told him.

I’ve been having baby dreams almost every night. Some good, some odd, some scary. Not as vivid as some women I know say they have. These seem about normal for me.

I’d never have believed I’d have a doctor telling me I’d gained too much weight… got to work on getting more exercise. I’ve been better this week, driving down to the park and walking laps. I hate exercise so the park is a good bribe, breathing the fresh sea air, watching the gulls and ducks and swans swimming and soaring along the shore, dogs chasing squirrels and mothers with their children… Unfortunately the park is not an option on bad weather days.

Baby gifts are starting to show up. Last night we got a beautiful crocheted blanket from my grandmother, whose 90th birthday party I’m going to miss because it is too close to my delivery date. Now the pressure is on to finally send out those wedding thank you’s, which would have gone out last fall if I hadn’t felt so absolutely dreadful. (The etiquette books say you have a year, but I think they would also say you should get them out before you have to send out the thank yous for the baby gifts.) I like writing letters, but thank you’s are a different sort of thing all together. I always think they sound stiff and fornal and not like me and so agonize over trying to personalize them and the whole process just seems to take forever. 

Now that I am no teaching but employed full time in staying home and expanding I’ve got more time for my hobbies: reading books, reading blogs, and quilting. So why does it feel like I can never get anything done?

I’m trying to finish up the quilt for my sister I started last year: a very late thank you present for my maid of honor. Then I want to do a quilt for the baby. Not sure that will be finished by the time she gets here. I’ve been listening to the Chronicles of Narnia as I cut and sew… best Christmas present from my husband!

Of course if I’m not careful the computer can eat up the whole day. Blogs are addictive. Though alas I find I don’t post as much as I’d like. I think teaching was more conducive to prmopting me to write.

Anyway, I have more stuff to write about, but I want to get some quilting done before lunch. Maybe I’ll write more later…

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  • Melanie,

    How absolutely beautiful!  How pefectly evangelical!  How wonderfully those words so gracefully spilled from your heart to the keyboard to our screens… 

    Praise God!