Narnia again

Narnia again

Some good reviews out there. A new one at The Shrine of the Holy Whapping… I love those guys.

I started to post a comment and then realized it was becoming a blog entry, so cut it short.

Here it is:

My impression, after reading many reviews of the film, is that one’s take on the movie depends an awful lot on how much it corresponds with the Narnia in your mind. For me there was quite a bit of dissonance and while I enjoyed the movie for itself, I still was vaguely dissatisfied at the end. I realized that my dissatisfaction was not so much because of flaws in the film as because Adamson is clearly a different reader than than I am.

For example: to me the landscape of the movie felt much smaller than it should be. The White Witch’s castle seemed just around the corner from the beaver’s dam rather than a long, cold, arduous trek away.

But again these are minor quibbles. I came home opened the book and found my Narnia there waiting for me.

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