First Ultrasound!

First Ultrasound!


The baby at 16 weeks.

You can make out the head at the bottom of the image, the face looking up. The ultrasound tech was annoyed because our stubborn offspring refused to move from this awkward head-down position to give her a better view. (Dom said it is just like the way he reads: lying on his back with his legs propped up against the wall.)

In addition to this charming profile, we also saw close-ups of the arm and leg bones, the hands and feet, and the beating heart. DOm and I were both enchanted at our first viewing. I think his smile was ear to ear, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the monitor to confirm this.

I’m feeling a bit better, the nausea is no longer constant or all-consuming. I’m just fighting with a garden-variety cold. (Which I completely forgot during the entire ultrasound process.)

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