Pregnancy Part II

Pregnancy Part II

I guess I got distracted. I never finished my thoughts when I left off at the end of Part I. Well, they’re gone now.

Things are looking up now. I haven’t thrown up for 10 days! Though I still get very tired and occasionally have food aversions and some smells get to me. This is a dramatic improvement.

Maybe I’m finally entering that fabulous second trimester and will start to feel the happy glow part of pregnancy. Dom certainly hopes so, though he would never say it. He’s getting tired of not being able to cook in his own kitchen.

The baby will certainly be happy once I start eating my vegetables. So far I’ve been heavily relying on the vitamins in my prenatals and feeling guilty, even though I know it has been beyond my control and it won’t really hurt the baby anyway.

A week from today we have the first ultrasound, I can’t wait.

So I’m still not showing and even though Dom insists these words will come to haunt me later,I can’t wait until I look pregnant. Because it is such a pain having to explain it to people. Like the waitress who comes and asks if I didn’t like the food. (No, I loved it, but I had a salad and a roll so that only left three bites free for my main dish unless I want to make myself sick.)  Dom usually jumps in and explains that I’m pregnant. Then I ask for the food to be wrapped up and don’t have to think about tomorrow’s lunch.

Right now, though, I don’t fit into my old pants and only one of my skirts fits. But when I go to the maternity store everything looks too huge.

I can’t wait to feel the baby kick. To *feel* not just *know* that there’s another person there.

I know it will all come soon enough. Everyone keeps telling me to relax and enjoy. Do all the reading and sleeping I can now. But as well meaning as I know they are… does that really work?

Meanwhile Dom’s default for referring to the baby is Isabella, cause we haven’t decided on a boy’s name yet. At first I wasn’t sure, but now I want to know whether we have a boy or a girl, just to overcome the linguistic indeterminacy. I refuse to call my child an it.

Anyway, thanks so much to all the people who have offered advice and prayers. 

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  • I confess … that I’m always surprised and thrilled to see someone else who reads Georgette Heyer books. By the way, so does Steven Riddle at Flos Carmeli.