the tempest

the tempest

I’ve never studied this classic work, now I’m teaching it.
This is my cache of links as I try to sort through what the web has to offer.

academic webpage, for a Renaissance Lit class.
some good basic notes on genre, themes, characters

this one from a Shakespeare class. Good pictures.
themes covered include governance and illusion vs. reality

another academic page, with study questions, seems a bit more elevated than my students will likely get.

Interesting review of a recent performance at the Globe in London. Insights into New Historicism and recent views of Shakespeare.
probably not very relevant to my students, but interesting in its own right.

Study questions. from a university in Norway

Introduction to the Tempest. (essay form rather than outline) from a prof at Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

exam questions for The Tempest
Includes some interesting comparison between T and Paradise Lost!

scene by scene questions for reading comprehension.
(elsewhere on this site are good questions for Paradise Lost as well as another prof’s divisions into shorter reading selections, might be useful when I teach it again.)

Talking to William Shakespeare
an interesting page from the UK, in which Will himself (!) answers students’ questions.

Summary of the play, act by act. Might be helpful for bewildered students.
(bonus: uses Waterhouse’s Miranda for banner art!)

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