Meghan’s b-day

Meghan’s b-day

A good time was had by all.
I don’t really like American Italian. the food just underwhelms me. But the good company made up for what was lacking in culinary delights. I met some new people… Meghan has very interesting colleagues. One was a very nice English teacher from Marblehead who used to work in banking, then went to Eastern Russia during a Peace Corps stint, had a brief return to banking and then ended up as a teacher.
Also got to catch up with other of her fun friends. I’ve always like Emily her current roomie. And of course I enjoy hanging with Steve.
Fun to go out with other people, it’s easy to get insular and Waltham can seem like the other side of the planet.
Hopefully once all the wedding stuff dies down it will be easier to get out. Haha!!! have you seen my fall schedule!

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  • Dear Melanie, thank you for sharing this piece—I hope to share it with my friends.  Purity and concern for others’ souls are still such relevant, if not more relevant, issues today.  God bless you and your fiance as you prepare for marriage.