a perfect summer evening

Feeling kinda icky so I didn’t want to drive out to Danvers. But soon was feeling cooped up in the house. So after I had my salad I went for a walk to the park. The sun was setting and twilight was setting in by the time I walked past the little league game in full swing: White Sox vs Indians. Once I got into the park proper there were no people. Strange how very different the park is at different times of day. A few fishermen out on the rocks and a couple of young men? older boys? on the beach. But the path was deserted. I pulled out my rosary as I rambled over the grass and rocks and off and on the path. The lumious mysteries today. SAying the prayers sometimes under my breath, sometimes aloud, sometimes focusing on them, sometimes looking at the light on the water, listening to the crickets, the geese over there across the harbor. Smells, the tide was out, the flowers were in bloom, the grass had been mowed a few days before.
Peaceful. I did a circuit around the perimeter of the park, hitting all my favorite spots, finished my rosary and then headed home in the dark. The last run of the game was hit as I approached and all the boys were running in to home. The White Sox won and parents tooted car horns and clapped and joyful shouts from the field.
How nice to be out in the summer evening, just a bit cool, a little sliver of a golden moon hanging in the haze among the leafy trees.
Now I think it’s time for bed….

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