thinking of the future

I was just thinking (in the shower, of course) how cool it will be to have the bathroom all to myself and not shared with roommates. I can leave my watch on the sink overnight with no worries about being a nuisance to others (for I am sure Dom would never complain about such things). I can put a hamper for dirty clothes in the bathroom closet and not have to haul them back to the bedroom. I’ll have the whole bathroom closet for towels and sundries, not just one shelf. (of course Dom will have a shelf all to himself if he wants) I can put all my vitamins in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom so they aren’t cluttering my bureau top.  I can move the magazine rack and put the trashcan in a more logical place.

I don’t mean to imply anything negative about my roomies, they are great girls and generally quite easy to live with. But now I am starting to feel the restrictions I never noticed before because they are just what one expects when living with other people who are not your family. And those won’t be there when I am simply sharing this space with a husband. (Of course I am sure a whole other set of changes will creep in, including little prickly beard hairs in the sink. But those are realizations for another day.)

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