Evil is petty

Evil is petty

Tree has been emailing with Dawn, the author of the petition that asks eBay to prohibit the sale of the Eucharist. I sent her a word of encouragement as well via the email address on the bottom of the petition.

I am sure she is overwhelmed by the onslaught of trolls attacking the petition.
I think the fact that the petition is being attacked so vehemently is a pretty good indication that the Enemy is feeling threatened by the outpouring of love for Christ in the Eucharist that the petition represents.

I must say the nasty responses (lots of �fart� and �burp� and other revolting juvenile behavior) that have been flooding the petition reminded me how petty and banal evil is. I kept thinking of the scenes in C. S. Lewis� Perelandra when the Un-Man is trying to wear Ransom down. At one point all he can do is keep calling Ransom�s name. Evil is never creative, it can only imitate, warp or destroy what is good.

I think that these attacks show all the more why people of good will should continue to sign the petition with words of faith and hope and love.

Perhaps the petition is now of limited usefulness. Perhaps it was never much. (Personally, I think direct contact to eBay will be much more effective in getting them to change their policy.)

But the petition is good because it mobliizes people and makes them feel like they aren’t alone in their outrage and grief.

So by all means people should cancel eBay and paypal accounts and flood eBay with phone calls, emails and letters. I hate the phone, so I�ve been doing letters and emails. But we shouldn’t completely write off the petition as a lost cause, we should in fact encourage people to sign it if only to encourage the author in her good fight. How depressing would it be for her if only the nasty people were writing in?

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