random latenightness

random latenightness

Don’t really have anything to say, but don’t want to go to sleep. Too much caffeine too late at night. Thoughts bouncing around in my head like a pinball machine… ding, ding, ding, TILT…
But I can’t remember what it was I had to say.
I should probably just go to bed. This blog entry is rather worthless, no?
Maybe it was something about Kay or Dunnett. That might be an interesting paper to write actually.
I should get to sleep. Feel asleep for a few minutes today with my head on my desk. But the office is really too cold. I should being in a heater. Or a thermos full of tea.
Feel much better about the Hum class after I read the essay on defense of the lecture. I recalled that lecture can be a good thing. So long as at least some of them seem interested. Maybe they all are. At least Katie and Travis were nooding and smiling at some points and Bee asked a couple of good questions. At least the romantics I know and like. I think in the fall I’m going to go much more the lit route. Maybe even bend and do a bit of Shakespeare video. At lest some key speeches.  Cut out some of the dryer political stuff even I am only vaguely interested in. After all, they said I could do more of a lit bent. Why am i trying to force myself into an alien mode? Would the students notice if it became a lit class? Would they care?
Still need to find good texts for the World lit. Though Jennifer gave me some good advice on that. I want just enough so it has a world flavor. Also need to beware of too many long texts. maybe look at short stories for brevity. Should take a trip to Borders and B&N, scan shelves for ideas. Amazon not being so lucky.

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