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more focused O’Connor response

David said: “To use the good as a means of letting evil be seen more clearly, rather than to use evil as a means of letting good be seen more clearly by contrast, is an inversion as radical—and, I think, as disastrous—as anything Descartes came up with.” I�m not sure that this formulation of inversion […]

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response to Flannery O’Connor thread on Catholic Writers Online

re: bourgeois Miriam Webster gave me a definition with several parts: (2) marked by a concern for material interests and respectability and a tendency toward mediocrity I would tend to give O’Connor the benefit of the doubt and from context read the connotation of the word to be not in the first definition of […]

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Beautiful…but is it art?

Montserrat College is offering a chance for their students to go down to NY to see The Gates  in Central Park. All of the pictures I’ve seen of this installation are beautiful. I love the images of these bright saffron sails billowing in Central Park. I love Central Park. I almost have to go every […]

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The end of The Hunt

I heard on the radio this morning that they have banned hunting with dogs in England. I am strangely saddened. Probably another example of how odd we Americans are idealizing things British.  I’ve never seen the hunt. And if I did, I’d be rooting for the fox. But the idea that no longer will men […]

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She emailed and said that she wanted to sit down and talk to me about Man’s Search for Meaning. I remembered how it had affected her last semester. She accidentally picked it up and started reading it instead of Candide and then wrote about it in her enrty on Wordsworth’s “I Wandered Lonely as a […]

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