snow days

snow days

It’s snowing again. Blah! or do I mean “Bah!”?
Beautiful, of course, but I’m going crazy.
As if the 38 inches we got in this weekend’s blizzard were not enough!
I haven’t had class yet this week. Only one meeting with each of my classes so far this semester! How am I supposed to teach? I’m feeling drained, listless. I still haven’t finished preparing for the classes I haven’t had. Oh, I know what I want to cover but I could type up notes, polish everything. For what? I’ll probably have to drop one of the essays from my comp class. Maybe one of the texts i planned to read from my humanities class.
I have a headache and will probably waste most of this day like the last two days reading on the couch! At least I have a good book: Reading Lolita in Tehran. Diane gave it to me for Christmas. Even though it is one of those popular books right now, on all the bookstore shelves, It’s really my kind of book: reflections on teaching literature.
And I must say it’s making me reconsider the Nabakov novel, which I’ve never much liked.

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