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With the So-Called Sick

With the So-Called Sick In the green crib the child is not sleeping. Shadow covers the top of the sleepless face and in the shadow the eyes are open wide. Are they looking at Mother’s face as she reads or watching the red pompoms on the toes of her jaunty slippers propped on the side […]

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Under the Elder Tree

Under the Elder Tree the summer light sifts softly through the leaves and dapples the rosy-cheeked mother, kissing her hair as she sits easily on her straight wooden chair with a child cradled in her lap, so used to the weight and heft of that head pressed into her bosom that she doesn’t even think […]

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When the Children Have Gone to Bed

  The children are finally in bed and in the lamp’s glow mama has her mending spread before her on the table patching another rend or sewing on a button and on the other side of the table papa leans over his page. He’s reading to her and his voice fills the room. The geraniums […]

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From my Sketchbook

Now that I don’t have babies or toddlers, there is a space in my week, most weeks, to pull out a sketchbook and draw, paint, color with pencils, ink… I really love being able to make something pretty, to experiment, to put into practice techniques I’ve read about. I’ve got a really nice set of […]

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In Ghirlandaio’s Adoration of the Shepherds the infant Jesus isn’t laid in the manger but on the ground next to it. Probably because if Christ were laid in the manger that Ghirlandaio gives us, we wouldn’t be able to see him. Ghirlandaio’s feeding trough is an interesting artifact: a marble ancient Roman sarcophagus. In medieval […]

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Winnie the Pooh at the MFA

The best picture book illustrations are true art. I’ve always loved the art of beautiful picture books, I never outgrew the love of them. Two years ago the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston had an exhibit of Robert McCloskey’s drawings and watercolors. Now they’ve got Pooh, an amazing exhibit featuring the drawings of E.H. […]

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