Melanie Bettinelli

links for humanities

At Fordham University: Modern History Sourcebook, links to lots of historical documents. Some outlines on major themes, ideas.


The same old problem: I realize after a student has left I’ve been doing too much talking and not enough listening. Sometimes it’s shy studentes who are afraid to be in control: tell me how to fix it, tell me what you want. And they are...

Great essay

reflecting on Gibson’s Passion and the role of the Catholic artist: Wrestling with the Angel of Strangeness: The Passion One Year Later, by Debra Murphy I really like her analysis, one of the clearest I’ve seen. Not a “close...

remember to keep holy the sabbath and other thoughts

having decided that there was a reason getting stuff done on Sunday afternoons was impossible, I decided to give up trying and to keep holy the sabbath. Give the day to God and try to pick up the slack on other days. (not that that really works, but...

more focused O’Connor response

David said: “To use the good as a means of letting evil be seen more clearly, rather than to use evil as a means of letting good be seen more clearly by contrast, is an inversion as radical—and, I think, as disastrous—as anything...

Beautiful…but is it art?

Montserrat College is offering a chance for their students to go down to NY to see The Gates  in Central Park. All of the pictures I’ve seen of this installation are beautiful. I love the images of these bright saffron sails billowing in...