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Unsettled Lullaby

I’ve been playing around with various poetry writing prompts. I find that sometimes when I’m in a mood to write but don’t have any specific inspiration they can help to get things moving and I’ll find that I do have something to say after all. This prompt caught my eye: “Translate” a poem into English […]

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Stalked by Poetry

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been reading more poetry lately. That is, I’ve been seeking it out — and also finding it falling onto my plate, so to speak. I’m also noticing that opportunities to discuss poetry and to do close readings of poetry have been flinging themselves at me more and more […]

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Lightship It’s May and the maple wings are flying; but my heart harks back to the bleak February day when your little boat put out into the deep. After a long winter of black branches flaying slate gray skies, the wind wears a leafy fullness and, in the warm space between the gray rain’s laments, […]

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The Wild

The Wild If you walk to the end of our street and stare across the state route down the lane between the rows of houses you will see a line of pine trees and if, holding hands, you cross the busy road and walk down and around the corner you will find a humming pumping […]

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Reading Notes April 2019

Books Finished I finished Brothers Karamazov!!! I must say, this experience was very different from the first time through, in 2011, during the Lent that followed Anthony’s birth. At that time I knew I hadn’t read well. I noted: ” don’t know that I got very much out of my solitary read. I really need […]

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Mater Dolorosa

Mater Dolorosa Sometimes I get sad in the grocery store Tears well up in the produce section while I’m picking over avocados or broccoli. As if the original sadness of exiled Eve reaches out to touch me unexpectedly. It’s probably hormones — or maybe depression or perhaps just a deep memory unconsciously triggered by a […]

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Great Blue Hill

Great Blue Hill Did once waters run here, carving dirt and stone into steps, eating away soft earth to expose the roots of things— tree’s and granite’s bones— the strength at the heart of the hills? Can you believe the clear blue of the sky springing overhead? Trees uncurling spears into soft newness of leaves […]

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Golden Hour

  Golden Hour Late afternoon? Early evening? whichever, the spring sun slants his fierce rays across the scarred table where I gently press pie crust into glass plates, strew cheese, glop ham/spinach/onion, and crack egg after egg after golden yolked egg for quiche. While outside announcing day’s demise the cheerful robin sings his territorial song […]

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