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January 2018 Reading Notes: Dresden Files Binge

In January I continued the binge-reading of the Dresden Files that I began in December. The Dresden Files is a series of supernatural hard-boiled detective fantasy in which wizard Harry Dresden makes his home in modern day Chicago, earning his rent money as a private investigator, specializing in the supernatural end of things— vampires, ghosts, […]

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Best Stuffed Shells

You know you’ve done something right when your Sicilian father-in-law compliments you not once or twice, but three or four times, on your stuffed shells. Dom and I both thought this batch of sauce was the best I’ve made yet; but having his dad’s confirmation that it was good… that was golden. I cook sauce […]

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Peace in Penance

“The time of penance has come, the time to atone for our sins and seek our salvation.” I like to assign myself copywork appropriate to the liturgical season. I make it beautiful with my calligraphy pens, illuminate it, aand then hang the verses and prayers around the house as visual reminders for us all. I […]

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Super Moist Chocolate Almond Cake Recipe

I have a new favorite cake. I made it today for Anthony’s birthday. It might be the best cake I’ve ever made. Not too sweet, very moist, very flavorful. And the frosting doesn’t overwhelm the cake. Super Moist Chocolate Almond Cake Ingredients 1 cup cake flour 1 cup almond flour 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/2 […]

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Advent in Lent?

I found this Advent meditation today, but somehow it seemed not inappropriate for Lent. “People sometimes get disheartened because they have read that suffering ennobles and have met people who seem to have come out of the crucible like pure silver, made beautiful by suffering; but it seems to them that in their own case […]

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