Learning Notes July 20

Monday July 20 Family dentist appointment. We did not do school work before we left. It was too early. Too late by the time we got home. Afternoon reading: Peter Duck, Bible story, Story of the World chapter about the Industrial Revolution. Which led to a long discussion about how conditions in factories did improve, […]

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Library Book Finds

One night I was adding books to an Amazon wish list and the recommended list that sprang up led me on a little rabbit trail. I found so many interesting looking books that I added to my library hold list. Several of them are also going on the lists of books I want to purchase […]

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Finding Ulysses

Ulysses Found by Ernle Bradford. When you have sailed the Mediterranean at the age of nineteen with the Odyssey in your kitbag, and when you have come back of your own volition, to the same sea in your twenties and thirties— and still kept the same book at the foothead of your bunk— it is […]

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