Restless Heart

Thoughts on the invitatory psalm. Every day the Liturgy of the Hours begins with the invitatory Psalm, a psalm that invites us into the day’s work of Praise. The default invitatory is Psalm 95, which begins with a literal invitation: “Come, let us sing to the Lord; and shout for joy to the Rock who […]

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The Inadequacy of Words

  Reading notes on a section of God in Search of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism by Abraham Joshua Heschel, the section titled: “The Disparity of Experience and Expression”. I’m having fun reading Heschel alongside one of my favorite poem sequences ever, T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets. All unattributed quotes are from the Heschel. “. . […]

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Reading Notes February 2018

Finished 1. Ragnarok by A.S. Byatt I wrote my review already. You can read it here. 
As a retelling of the myths of the Norse gods, it’s somewhat satisfactory; but what drew me in is that really at heart it’s not a book about gods but a book about reading. (Not surprisingly since writing about […]

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Excitement and high adventure

Goodness, this has been a week full of excitement and adventure. On Wednesday I had minor surgery to repair an abdominal hernia, laparoscopic, day surgery. But still something of an ordeal. My mother-in-law watched the children for the day. Dom took me to the hospital. It was a Catholic hospital so we got to stop […]

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January 2018 Reading Notes: Dresden Files Binge

In January I continued the binge-reading of the Dresden Files that I began in December. The Dresden Files is a series of supernatural hard-boiled detective fantasy in which wizard Harry Dresden makes his home in modern day Chicago, earning his rent money as a private investigator, specializing in the supernatural end of things— vampires, ghosts, […]

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Best Stuffed Shells

You know you’ve done something right when your Sicilian father-in-law compliments you not once or twice, but three or four times, on your stuffed shells. Dom and I both thought this batch of sauce was the best I’ve made yet; but having his dad’s confirmation that it was good… that was golden. I cook sauce […]

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