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Reading Mysteries

During my current re-read of Gaudy Night I started to think about the mystery genre in general and myself as a reader of mysteries in particular. I’ve read a lot of mystery novels in my life. I like the genre. Or at least I like a lot of mystery novelists: I’ve read Dorothy Sayers and […]

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Gaudy Night

Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers 
My friend Nicole, who had never read any Sayers and to whom I had recommended Gaudy Night, noticed that the Kindle version was on sale for just $1.99. So I snapped it up and then having it right there and having a friend who started sharing quotes on Facebook was […]

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Learning Notes Week of December 3

Monday December 3 Bella: none, appointment all morning. Sophie: math copywork Ben: math copywork Anthony: math copywork Afternoon stories: reading from letter of St Francis Xavier, Doll’s House, St Peter Claver, Around the World in 100 Days, lectionary readings. Bedtime story: Friendly Gables. Tuesday December 4 Bella: math, read and narrated Abraham Lincoln’s World Sophie: […]

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Learning Notes Week of November 26

Monday November 26 Bella: math, copywork, Latin (Winnie Ille Pu), timeline book, read and narrate George Washington’s World and A Naturalist Buys and Old Farm (written narration for NBAOF). Read Elements, Cobblestone Magazine issue about Progressives. Sophie: math, copywork Ben: math, copywork, Explode the Code, Little Bear Anthony: math Lucy: copywork Afternoon stories: Doll’s House, […]

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Reading notes November 2018

Finished in November 1. By What Authority? by Robert Hugh Benson Set a generation after The King’s Achievement, during the later part of Elizabeth’s reign. There are minor characters who were in the previous work and it’s interesting to see them from that perspective. I read this book some years ago, but had not previously […]

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In Ghirlandaio’s Adoration of the Shepherds the infant Jesus isn’t laid in the manger but on the ground next to it. Probably because if Christ were laid in the manger that Ghirlandaio gives us, we wouldn’t be able to see him. Ghirlandaio’s feeding trough is an interesting artifact: a marble ancient Roman sarcophagus. In medieval […]

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Learning Notes Thanksgiving Week (Week of November 19)

Monday November 19 Bella: read first chapter of the book of Genesis and Psalm 117, composition Sophie: copywork, French (Duolingo) Ben: math, copywork, Explode the Code, Little Bear ( begin Little Bear’s Wish) Anthony: math, copywork (Basilisk poem from Dragons Dragons) Lucy: copywork (Sheep in a Jeep) Afternoon stories: Doll’s House, St Peter Claver, Around […]

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Susan in Exile?

An interesting brief article came to my notice this week about the figure or “archetype” of the “Susan” in juvenile fiction– The Susan: Story of an Archetype, and Why We Need Her by Alice Nuttall. It’s sparked a brilliant conversation online and I’m brimming over with thoughts that want to organize themselves into something more […]

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