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Digging into Heaney: A Little Rabbit Trail

I’ve been swept into a general Heaney retrospective quite by chance. My friend Sally Thomas rediscovered his book of essays, Finder’s Keepers, on her shelf and started sharing tidbits, little nibbles of passages that caught her eye. I realized, “I have that book on my shelf too!” and I found it and realized I’d never […]

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INLAND People that build their houses inland, People that buy a plot of ground Shaped like a house, and build a house there, Far from the sea-board, far from the sound Of water sucking the hollow ledges, Tons of water striking the shore — What do they long for, as I long for One salt […]

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Learning Notes Week of April 16

Monday April 16 Bella: Latin, math, copywork, composition, Latin. Sophie, math, copywork, Child’s Geography, looked at pictures of the Holy Land from Cardinal Sean’s pilgrimage a few years ago. Ben: math, copywork, Bob book Anthony: math, copywork Read aloud: St Magnus, St Margaret Mary, Story of the World, King Alfred the Great, Book of Marvels […]

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Questions for Picture Study

1. What colors do you see? Do you see red? orange? yellow? green? blue? purple? black? white? brown? pink? 2. Do you see straight lines? Do you see curves? 3. What shapes do you see? Can you find any triangles? Circles? Rectangles? Squares? Ovals? 4. What textures do you see? Rough or smooth? Fuzzy or […]

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A Common Story Is Achieved

The Borrowed House, Hilda van Stockum’s juvenile novel about World War II, opens with a German girl collecting eggs in a barn when the farmwife orders her to kill a chicken for dinner. Janna cannot do it. How could she kill a creature that has a name? And yet what can she, a child, do […]

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