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Rosemary Sutcliff on Learning to Read

It seems to me now surprising that with so much else going on, I was also having lessons. Or more truthfully, sitting through lessons with practically nothing to show for them afterwards. That was not my mother’s fault. She tried so hard; she had...

Dawn Wind by Rosemary Sutcliff

Dawn Wind by Rosemary Sutcliff is a historical novel that takes place in the years after the British have lost a decisive battle to the Saxon at Aquae Sulis. The novel ends as Aethelbert consolidates his power as king of the Saxons in the south and...

The Witch’s Brat, the Story of a Healer Monk

The Witch’s Brat by Rosemary Sutcliff This is one of those books whose title will put off some readers before they even open the book or find out what it’s about. The story actually has almost nothing at all to do with witches and much more to do...