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Child-Size Dangers: A Training Ground for the Young

Part One: A Training Ground for the Young In the Dresden Files short story collection Brief Cases there is a short story titled “Zoo Day” in which Harry takes his daughter Maggie to the zoo. The story is divided into three parts, the first narrated...

Drinking with Gods, Part 1: Wine with Hades

In which I return to Dresden Files #15, Skin Game to look more closely at a couple of scenes. The usual disclaimers apply. I do nothing to avoid spoilers in my close readings of these novels and if you will be bothered at the revelation of major...

Harry Dresden’s Purgatorial Changes

Caveat Lector: Warning the following blog post contains lots of spoilers for the Dresden Files series. If you don’t want any of the books spoiled, then don’t read any further. After I finished reading Changes I needed someone to talk about it with...