Wedding March

I recently posted this comment on Amy Welborn’s blog. but wanted my own record of it. She was writing about a diocese that has decreed that the bride it not to process down the aisle with her father.
Here’s the link:

good article

Sadly, I’m seeing the result of the anti-Christian rhetoric in my classes. Some of my students have written responses to readings that betray a steady diet of unquestioned anti-Christian hatefulness. One student went so far as to say America...

Evil is petty

Tree has been emailing with Dawn, the author of the petition that asks eBay to prohibit the sale of the Eucharist. I sent her a word of encouragement as well via the email address on the bottom of the petition. I am sure she is overwhelmed by the...

more on eBay and the Eucharist

—- eBay Customer Support wrote: > Hello, > > Thank you for taking the time to write eBay with > your concern. I’m happy > to help you further. > > We understand that you are upset at having seen > certain Catholic items > or items...

Ok, now I’m pissed off

I was so busy composing my letter of complaint, that I forgot to blog it, but now I’ll tell the full story. When I first saw on my dear fiance’s blog that some yahoo was auctioning off a consecrated host from a papal mass on eBay, I...

good reflections on narrative

This might be helpful for my lit classes. This stuff can be hard to explain to students. Dealing with the differences between author, narrator, implied author, implied audience, etc. Good clear definitions. I’ve never seen it explained quite...