Requiem in pace, Johannes Paulus II

God our Father, you reward all who believe in you. May your servant, John Paul our Pope, vicar of Peter, and shepherd of your Church, who faithfully administered the mysteries of your forgiveness and love on earth, rejoice with you for ever in heaven. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son who […]

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When I was younger, pre-teen and teen, I used to long for chivalry: knights in armor doing noble deeds for fair ladies, castles, heraldry, noble deeds, dragons vanquished, lofty love songs. I searched everywhere for tastes, hints, of the magic that I was sure existed in fairyland, long ago and far away. And now reflecting […]

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death watch

Pope John Paul II lies dying on this the Friday within the Octave of Easter. What a non-Catholic might not know is that Easter is technically not one day, Easter Sunday, it is eight days. This is reflected in the Divine Office, for eight days we pray the exact same psalms in Morning and Evening […]

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Good Friday

My Lord, on the cross you make all things new.  But I look at the world and see it full of human cruelty, of wickedness, of misery and suffering. Our Jewish brothers cry: how can you look at this world and think that it has been redeemed? It takes amazing faith to see the cruelty […]

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song of songs research

book reviewed in Catholic Bible Quarterly: TREMPER LONGMAN III, Song of Songs (NICOT; Grand Rapids/Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2001). Pp. xvi + 238. $35 The reviewer, Athalya Brenner, said the book treats the text as literary unity, not an anthology, with one man and one woman. says is sensitive to Hebrew. The reviewer then excoriates the book […]

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