Last night I dreamed that I’d had the baby, a little girl who was inexplicably being called Melanie. There was a big family reunion and my aunts and uncles were all there. FOr some reason the baby had been taken from me at birth and I was seeing her for the first time some days […]

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I expected to be disappointed in any movie based on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe simply because anyone else’s vision wouldn’t match with mine. My parents might be able to tell you when I first entered the magical world of Narnia. I can’t. The Horse and His Boy is the first book I […]

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All I Want Is You

…listening to iTunes, U2 has been popular the last two days. I’m reminded of a conversation with Theresa. She told me about driving late at night, listening to U2’s “All I Want Is You” and suddenly hearing it as a song about God. Her theory… any well-written love song can also be read as expressing […]

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First Ultrasound!

The baby at 16 weeks. You can make out the head at the bottom of the image, the face looking up. The ultrasound tech was annoyed because our stubborn offspring refused to move from this awkward head-down position to give her a better view. (Dom said it is just like the way he reads: lying […]

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A poem

After 9/11 by Charles Martin. I don’t think I’m ready to comment on this, except to say it’s really powerful and manages to avoid all the schmaltz I would fear from a treatment of this subject. It is daring and ambitious and I think succeeds quite well. Thanks to Joseph Bottum who pointed to this […]

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I confess….

Thanks to Kelly who tagged me several days ago. I suppose I first have to confess extreme procrastination. I actually thought of some good ones when Dom got tagged, but not expecting to be in the hot seat myself, I neglected to write them down. In other words, it was interesting until it became an […]

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Pregnancy Part II

I guess I got distracted. I never finished my thoughts when I left off at the end of Part I. Well, they’re gone now. Things are looking up now. I haven’t thrown up for 10 days! Though I still get very tired and occasionally have food aversions and some smells get to me. This is […]

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