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Dissecting Books?

Recently a friend shared this article on Facebook: Top Schools Think 7th and 8th Graders Should Be Able to Read These Books. The list is a pretty good one. There are a couple of books I’d teach earlier There are several books I’d hope my kids have encountered in a children’s version before middle school […]

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The Feast of the Conversion of St Paul—a Rabbit Trail

Homeschooling has kind of stalled out for us since before Christmas. It’s not that Bella isn’t learning, I’m sure; but formal lessons of any kind have fallen by the wayside as I’ve not had much energy for gathering myself into a purposefulness. So today it was a wonderful surprise to find ourselves stumbling into a […]

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Discovering the Orchestra—Online Activities with Kids

Every once in a while Bella and I (and sometimes Sophie too) watch You Tube videos of music as part of an ongoing, very informal music appreciation study. This includes folk, choral and orchestral pieces. Really anything I can find that shows good closeups of the musicians singing and playing. One thing I try to […]

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