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Two Weeks

Sophia had her two week check-up this morning and weighed in at 7 lbs 10 oz. She’s gained an entire pound since her appointment last Sunday! No worries about this little one’s appetite. And she sleeps too! I am so lucky. Bella was a little apprehensive; but I’d made sure to repeat all morning that […]

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Postcard from Babymoon 2

Number of hours in a row Sophie slept last night: 4.5 Bliss! Number of outfits Sophie has worn so far today: 3 I keep forgetting I need to move quickly to get a new diaper on because newborns have no compunction about spraying everywhere. And how does the poop explode up the back like that? […]

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Postcard from Babymoon

You know you’re the mother of a newborn when… you rejoice because you actually get through a whole sleep cycle. I lay down at a quarter to one and woke up at four not because Sophie was crying but because I had to use the bathroom. Ah what bliss what joy: three hours of sleep […]

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No Place Like Home

Sophia managed to squeeze out the final wet diaper the doctors required, proof positive she’s not dehydrated and our golden ticket home. And so at last at around 8 pm the nurse saw us to the door and we hurried to the car in the dark and pouring rain. Of course we still have to […]

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Sophia update

Her temperature is back down, her labs came back fine, though she’s a little “dry” with elevated sodium levels. So they’re putting her on an iv drip overnight, just to rehydrate her. I’ll go up to the neonatal care unit to nurse when she gets hungry. (At least I’m pretty mobile now so that won’t […]

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Bach Does the Trick and Other Updates

First, thank you so much to everyone who has left a comment and especially for all the prayers. Right now I feel so wrapped in a blanket of love, so connected to the Body of Christ. That’s one reason I’ve been blogging here from the hospital, because I feel this blog is a connection not […]

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Hospital Varia

There’s one nurse who brings me a pitcher of ice water and six small plastic cups and six straws. Why? I’ve already got one big cup with a straw. There’s only me and Dom and Sophia in the room. Does she think we’re having a tea party with the elves? *  *  *  I’m very […]

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Sophia Therese

Finally, after two days apart I get to see Bella again. She came over this morning and was enchanted with her new sister, who she calls “Phia”. I love seeing both my girls together. Isabella and Sophia Isabella, Sophia, Dom and my mother, Grandma Scott Bella, Sophia and Grandma Me and Sophia Bella, Sophia, and […]

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She’s Here!

Sophia Therese arrived at 4:30 this afternoon. She is 6lbs 15oz, 19 inches. She arrived by c-section, a little bit of a disappointment; but we’re both safe and healthy.  (Turns out her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice and had a knot in it to boot.) The delivery itself was very rough; I […]

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