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Learning Notes Week of August 18

Monday This morning went very smoothly. A good day indeed. I got the girls through math, copywork, and reading by 10. Granted, they did the easiest math– a workbook page in Miquon– and the easiest copywork– a sentence in the workbook, and the easiest reading– a Bob book each. But at least we hit the […]

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Learning Notes: First week of August

Monday Oh it was a very Mondayish sort of Monday. Maybe because last night was a late night? The kids were watching a movie when we got back from our dinner date and we let them finish it, but they got to bed latish. Anyway, neither Bella or Sophie settled easily to their work. I […]

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Learning away from Home: family vacation to Virginia

Last week we went on a fairly last-minute family trip to visit Dom’s mother and sister in Virginia. It was a lightning visit. We left here early Monday morning and got to Fredricksburg at dinner time. We got home late Friday night and I’m still recovering. The trip was fun, awesome, exhausting. Monday was a […]

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Museum of Fine Arts: Quilts and Color, Magna Carta, Roman Art

So today we took a field trip to the MFA. There were two special exhibitions we especially wanted to see: the Quilts and Color exhibit and the Magna Carta. Also we wanted to see the Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance galleries to catch up with our history studies. An ambitious program and I figured we wouldn’t […]

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Field Trip Day : New England Aquarium

On Tuesday we took a field trip to the Aquarium. I’m going to make this a separate post so it doesn’t overwhelm my learning notes post, which means this will sort of happen out of order. (And I’m a little surprised that the learning notes posts have become such an institution in my mind that […]

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