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The Vast Aggregate of Words

The vast aggregate of words and phrases which constitutes the Vocabulary of English-speaking men presents, to the mind that endeavors to grasp it as a definite whole, the aspect of one of those nebulous masses familiar to the astronomer, in which a clear and unmistakable nucleus shades off on all sides, through zones of decreasing […]

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Christian Brotherhood and Hierarchy

I’m posting this here in particular for a specific friend who has reservations about the Catholic hierarchy; but even before that discussion began I had flagged this passage as a particularly interesting one. Perhaps, however, it is valuable to consider in a little more detail one question which a Catholic in particular might ask himself […]

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Holy Night

This was just so beautiful, I just had to share. My Lord, God, You have led me by a long, dark path, Rocky and hard. Often my strength threatened to fail me. I almost lost all hope of seeing the light. But when my heart grew numb with deepest grief, A clear star rose for […]

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