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The Feast of the Conversion of St Paul—a Rabbit Trail

Homeschooling has kind of stalled out for us since before Christmas. It’s not that Bella isn’t learning, I’m sure; but formal lessons of any kind have fallen by the wayside as I’ve not had much energy for gathering myself into a purposefulness. So today it was a wonderful surprise to find ourselves stumbling into a […]

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Prayer Interrupted: The Liturgy of the Hours for Mothers of Little Ones

I’ve blogged about the Liturgy of the Hours before, but bearing urged me to repost here, a comment that I left on this blog post because she found it helpful. But let me back up a minute to fill in a bit of background. I’ve been enjoying bearing’s series of posts on St Francis de […]

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Holy Cards

Recently I’ve been saying my morning prayers after breakfast. I sit in my recliner and read the psalms out loud and Bella plays in the living room. It’s a much slower process than praying alone, full of interruptions and distractions. But it works sometimes. Her favorite game during prayer time is playing with all the […]

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