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Learning Notes Week of Sept 22

Sunday We went apple picking and it was delightful. I’m not sure how much learning happened, but really this epitomizes what I think childhood should be. A tractor, a hayride, apple trees, apples coming off the trees, joyful children plucking apples and learning that apples grow on trees, more hayride, cunning little playhouses, pumpkins, animals, […]

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Learning Notes Week of Sept 14

Sunday Managed to actually read Mass readings and discuss them before Mass. A really good discussion too about the cross and justice and mercy. Anthony looking over Dom’s shoulder saw the still shot for the Shakespeare Original Pronunciation video and exclaimed, Is that the Globe? So the little ones are getting into it too. Monday […]

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Learning Notes Week of Sept 8

Monday For copywork I copied out one of the antiphons from today’s Morning Prayer for the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: “When the most holy Virgin was born, the whole world was made radiant.” Which was really only the first half of the antiphon. The second half is “blessed is the […]

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