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Bella the Missionary

This afternoon Bella and I were sitting outside. I was chatting on the phone with my mom and Bella announced that she was bored. She didn’t want to watch anymore football. I suggested a few ideas and she decided she wanted to do some art. Immediately she had a plan: “I want you to cut […]

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High Drama at the Store

Bella and Sophie are playing a game in which the dad (played by elephant) won’t let the baby doll, whose name is Afadilla, go into the store. Bella:“Let Afadilla go in the store!” Sophie: “No!” Bella: “Let Afadilla go to the store! Afadilla’s a person! She loves it. Any other day when the store is […]

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Hill Ladder

Bella can’t remember the word dome. So she called it a “hill ladder.” I like that name. I wasn’t going to write anything. Just let the pictures stand on their own. But I do have a story to tell that the photos don’t tell. Theresa put it together and didn’t finish until after sundown. So […]

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Hearts for Everyone

And snipping, snipping Scissors run To cut out hearts For everyone. ~ John Updike “February” from A Child’s Calendar For weeks Bella, inspired by one of her favorite poems, has been asking to cut out hearts. I had this inspiration to cut out hearts from the vast supply of water colored papers that Bella and […]

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Last week when we went to Target Bella spied the tubes of finger paints. “What’s this, Mama?” Oh twist my arm! She didn’t even ask; but I pulled them off the shelf and she refused to put them in the cart. She carried them all the way to the checkout. I am getting much, much […]

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Gather Ye Rosebuds

It’s become a ritual now. Every few days I announce that I’m going to go cut some roses. And my two little helpers scurry to the front door. Bella fetches the basket and I get the clippers. Sophie’s job is picking up petals, which requires no tools. Today Bella opted to climb the peach tree […]

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Playing Church

This afternoon I looked up from nursing Ben to see the girls both dressed up and kneeling down at the coffee table. They were singing quietly. I asked if they were praying and Bella replied, “No, we’re at Church.” “You’re at Church; but not praying?” “No, we’re singing.” I explained that singing at Church is […]

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