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“Compulsive Mothering”

Danielle linked to a story about Angelina Jolie and so-called “compulsive mothering”. Danielle writes: If I weren’t drowning in schoolwork, magazine stuff, and ear infections, I’d have something coherent to share about this. For now, though, I’ll be satisfied with saying just this much: Seriously? This particular movie star’s marital status aside, why can’t we […]

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The Liturgy of the Hours in the Home, Christ in Our Hearts

Elizabeth Foss, homeschooling mother of eight, writes about incorporating the Liturgy of the Hours into her day: If John Paul II warmly recommended it, that works for me. There was no caveat against mothers praying the Hours or no warning that it is not intended for households with children under three. Just a warm recommendation. […]

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Holy Cards

Recently I’ve been saying my morning prayers after breakfast. I sit in my recliner and read the psalms out loud and Bella plays in the living room. It’s a much slower process than praying alone, full of interruptions and distractions. But it works sometimes. Her favorite game during prayer time is playing with all the […]

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From Dale Price, a father’s reflection on the hope that those of us who have experienced the pain of miscarriage have for our unborn children. Excerpt: I have no particular objection to Limbo. But I don’t see a problem with the theologians’ work, which simply says that parents of unbaptized children have hope. Not a […]

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