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Invocation –for Kyra The open window admits the last light of a long summer day. No breath of breeze stirs the curtain’s gauze. All is still but sounds creep in, cars and children cicadas and leafblowers like roaring lions. Gold limns the curtain and the tree tops gilded and the sky’s golden glow gashes her […]

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Reading Notes March 2017

Finished: 1. The Underrunners by Margaret Mahy A juvenile novel set in New Zealand. A boy who lives with his father on the edge of the wilderness whose mother has left for Australia. Meets a girl who is living at a local home for children because her mother has been hospitalized. It turns out they […]

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Lymond and Astrology

I hope I’ve pretty well established that I love Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles, my favorite historical fiction. But I confess that every time I’ve read them there’s been one element that I have not loved and that is the very strong role played by astrology, and especially by the Dame de Doubtance. However, last night […]

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