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The same old problem: I realize after a student has left I’ve been doing too much talking and not enough listening. Sometimes it’s shy studentes who are afraid to be in control: tell me how to fix it, tell me what you want. And they are not completely wrong. What I want, how I will […]

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Great essay

reflecting on Gibson’s Passion and the role of the Catholic artist: Wrestling with the Angel of Strangeness: The Passion One Year Later, by Debra Murphy I really like her analysis, one of the clearest I’ve seen. Not a “close reading” of the film, but an attempt to see its place in the bigger picture.

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more focused O’Connor response

David said: “To use the good as a means of letting evil be seen more clearly, rather than to use evil as a means of letting good be seen more clearly by contrast, is an inversion as radical—and, I think, as disastrous—as anything Descartes came up with.” I�m not sure that this formulation of inversion […]

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response to Flannery O’Connor thread on Catholic Writers Online

re: bourgeois Miriam Webster gave me a definition with several parts: (2) marked by a concern for material interests and respectability and a tendency toward mediocrity I would tend to give O’Connor the benefit of the doubt and from context read the connotation of the word to be not in the first definition of […]

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Beautiful…but is it art?

Montserrat College is offering a chance for their students to go down to NY to see The Gates  in Central Park. All of the pictures I’ve seen of this installation are beautiful. I love the images of these bright saffron sails billowing in Central Park. I love Central Park. I almost have to go every […]

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The end of The Hunt

I heard on the radio this morning that they have banned hunting with dogs in England. I am strangely saddened. Probably another example of how odd we Americans are idealizing things British.  I’ve never seen the hunt. And if I did, I’d be rooting for the fox. But the idea that no longer will men […]

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