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July 2020 Book Notes

Finished in July 1. White Tears by Hari Kunzru A sort of murder-mystery ghost story that probes the deep wounds of race as played out in the appropriation and theft of African American music by white musicians and record companies. Two music-geek misfits became friends and partners in college and subsequently move to New York. […]

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Two Summery Desserts with Peaches

It’s summer! Peach season! I grew up with peach trees in the backyard and my mom cutting out all the bug and worm eaten bits and sprinkling them with sugar. Here in Massachusetts we mostly get our peaches from the grocery store. Occasionally the farmer’s market has some. But no matter how much we love […]

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If You Can Get It by Brendan Hodge

Book Review: If You Can Get It by Brendan Hodge. 

The man who only lives for making money Lives a life that isn’t necessarily sunny; Likewise the man who works for fame There’s no guarantee that time won’t erase his name The fact is The only work that really brings enjoyment Is the kind that […]

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Girls at Twilight

Long-limbed and languid, my daughters perch on the monkey bars at twilight, feet dangling,
 the sinking sun catching in their wild hair. 
Remember when they were so small that sitting there felt daring? That your heart caught in your throat to see those small bodies clamber so high across the perilous rungs? Now what are […]

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Learning Adventures in July

Our garden is producing: zucchini, cucumbers, snap peas, cherry tomatoes. The green beans are getting bigger. Mint and basil are abundant, plenty to flavor dinner and drinks. There has been a sudden interest in baking among the youngest three. Ben made chocolate chip cookies and pecan pie. Lucy made muffins. Anthony helped. I sit in […]

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Invocation –for Kyra The open window admits the last light of a long summer day. No breath of breeze stirs the curtain’s gauze. All is still but sounds creep in, cars and children cicadas and leafblowers like roaring lions. Gold limns the curtain and the tree tops gilded and the sky’s golden glow gashes her […]

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Garrowby Hill

Garrowby Hill Down from the hills the purple road flows twisting and leaping like a girl who has a new twirl dress down into the patchwork valley between fields fearfully tiger-striped with new-plowed furrows and the rows of sentinel trees standing at attention with their red boles and green canopy that line the roadside and […]

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Afternoon Respite

Afternoon Respite July afternoons blaze gold and bright like the glow of her favorite gown. Not a breeze to break the baking heat in her dusty garden She retreats to the cool green bank of the sofa to dip her tired brain into the brisk stream of a story, paddle her fingers in the flowing […]

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July 2020 Snapshots

it’s been a long time since I wrote a bloggity blog post, stream of consciousness, what’s going on right now, chatty sort of post. Life hasn’t lent itself to that lately, I guess?

Today, though, I’m feeling chatty. It’s Ben’s eleventh birthday and that in itself is something to note and think about, worth putting virtual […]

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