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Winnie the Pooh at the MFA

The best picture book illustrations are true art. I’ve always loved the art of beautiful picture books, I never outgrew the love of them. Two years ago the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston had an exhibit of Robert McCloskey’s drawings and watercolors. Now they’ve got Pooh, an amazing exhibit featuring the drawings of E.H. […]

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Learning Notes Week of October 15

Monday October 15 Anthony: math, copywork, History. Ben: math, copywork, Explode the Code, Bob book. Sophie: math, copywork, French, Geography Bella: math, composition (poetry) Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, Magna Charta, St Louis de Montfort, Men Microscopes and Living Things, lectionary readings. Bedtime story: Mitchells Five for Victory. Tuesday October 16 Anthony: math, copywork, History. […]

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Of the Body–Fearfully and Wonderfully

     Of the Body–Fearfully and Wonderfully for Leticia and A.G. “angel date” the book said, but “he’s not an angel” I replied. And I refused to write it. People can no more be angels than they can be trees. Totally different species. One can’t become the other. And then I pictured Daphne and Apollo […]

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Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

*Spoiler Warning* I’m not spoiling a lot, but I’m not going out of my way to avoid discussing later plot points. Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson I originally read Snow Crash ages ago. Maybe when I was in high school or college? I didn’t like it very much, though I also didn’t remember much about […]

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Learning Notes Week of October 8

Monday October 8 Sophie: math, copywork, French. Ben: math, copywork, Explode the Code, Bob book. Anthony: math, copywork, History. Bella: read and narrate from Story of the Church, math, copywork, Latin, composition. Stories: Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, St Louis de Montfort, Magna Charta, North with the Spring, Story of the World, lectionary readings. Bedtime […]

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Road Trip to Kentucky, Part 2

Sunday September 16: Lake Barkley to Nashville On Sunday morning we packed up the van (and were glad to put some of our overflow into my parents’ rental car) and headed south towards Nashville, caravanning with my sister and parents. As we were checking out the kids hit the lodge gift shop. Ben bought himself […]

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Road Trip to Kentucky, Part 1

In which we drive through 12 states, more than 2,500 miles, met friends and family, and see a huge part of this beautiful country of ours that I’d never seen before. My paternal grandfather, William Addison Scott Jr, was born in Kentucky, though he moved to Winchester, Illinois where he met and married my grandmother […]

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Reading Notes September 2018

We were on the road for almost two full weeks in September. And the first week was getting ready to go and the final week was recovering from the trip. I didn’t get much reading done at all. Finished in September: 1. Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik A fantasy novel that’s not so much a […]

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