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Motherland by Sally Thomas

Last month– is it already last month?– I had the privilege of listening to a poetry reading by my friend Sally Thomas, whose new collection, Motherland has just been launched. While this crazy pandemic time of social isolation is a hard time to launch a book, through the wonders of the internet I got to […]

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Charis in the World of Wonders cover art

Charis in the World of Wonders

“. . . ever since that day in Falmouth, I could only find that God gave us the natural liberty to err or do well but did not play with us like dolls and carved toys. Why some faithful prayers are answered and others not was a mystery. Nor could I yield to the thought […]

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The Echo

The rose-gold world resounds with end of day gladness. The sky stretched like a canvas waiting to be filled with calling birds winging home to their roosts. The grass’s green glimmers with gilt while sentinel trees have darkened their cloaks, looming shoulder to shoulder, black and grey shadows. And she, unaware that she is glowing […]

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Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary

Today we took a field trip to the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, which is owned and run by Massachusetts Audubon Society. And yes, it’s that Daniel Webster, the famous statesman– he’s buried in the cemetery on the other side of the parking lot and he once owned the farm which is now the sanctuary. We […]

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Motherhood The way the mother’s fingers lift and squish her breast to help the baby latch. The way the baby’s hand clutches his mother’s finger as he nurses. The way the baby’s eye looks up, trustingly, at his mother’s face. The way the mother looks down at him, tender and absorbed, meeting his eye. The […]

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