Sunday Night

Sunday Night

Well no raincloud without a silver lining. I got to sleep in this morning.

We watched the Mass from the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, which we visited in 2013, but only Bella really remembers it. That was really beautiful. I also watched a bit of the divine liturgy from my sister’s parish in Texas (she attends a Byzantine rite church these days.)

I did the crossword puzzle with Dom, our usual Sunday routine.

I wanted to go on a nature walk but the consensus was that it was too cold. And indeed though it was sunny, it was only 32 degrees. So I gave up my plan and decided to have a quiet afternoon at home. I may regret that as we’re supposed to have rain all week.

I did have nice phone chats with my brother, sister, and mother. It was good to catch up with them.

I made stuffed shells for dinner, one of our family favorites. And for dessert we had the leftover cream puffs from Thursday.

The kids ran around outside for a bit and tidied up in return for getting to watch some episodes of Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars. (Our standard trade is they have to pick up the living room and bedrooms in exchange for screen time or the house descends into chaos.)

And just like that another Sunday gone and March coming closer to an end. We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow, just a dusting.

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