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Dull February

Dull February seeps away in cold homebound days, each one much like the other, dreary sameness of earth and sky besieged by dread and dim and snow that turns to rain. One sickness after another, dripping noses and coughs, prednisone and albuterol snipping hearts and snapping tempers until finally the waxing moon raises her full […]

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Anthony Turns Eight

I used to write a reflective blog post for every kid’s birthday. But after a while it started to feel more like an obligation than a chance to reflect and ponder and celebrate. And I felt kind of guilty if I wrote one for one child and not for another. Silly, I suppose. I’m super-sensitive […]

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Trees, Sky

The way a small blue eye Winks at me from between The tree’s thick trunks, A sliver of wintry sky Among the branches, whose keen Edges slice the blue like monks’ Chants tearing silence’s veil; Like a line of lace Across the world’s wail, Keeping sky and land firmly, Each in its place.

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Extra Beats

This year we got new insurance–hoorah! The old one wasn’t covering our preventative inhalers– Boo! But the pediatrician, who we’d only been with for a year after our former doctor retired, doesn’t take the new insurance. So we had to get a new new pediatrician. And I was filled with dread, but I actually like […]

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