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Reading Notes September 2018

We were on the road for almost two full weeks in September. And the first week was getting ready to go and the final week was recovering from the trip. I didn’t get much reading done at all. Finished in September: 1. Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik A fantasy novel that’s not so much a […]

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Reading Notes August 2018

Finished in August 1. Endless Water Starless Sky by Rosamund Hodge The sequel to Hodge’s Bright Smoke Cold Fire. This duology (I hate that term, but there’s not a great word for a pair of books) is a sort of postapocalyptic adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. The world is broken, and has been for a […]

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Learning Notes Week of August 20

Monday August 20 Anthony: math, copywork, Child’s History Ben: math, copywork, Explode the Code, Bob book Sophie: math, copywork, dictation Bella: math, copywork, composition, Latin Stories: Magna Charta, Salt, St Magnus, North with the Spring, lectionary readings. Bedtime: Winged Watchman Ben wanted to sit on the couch to do his school work, and he was […]

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Green Dolphin Street

Warning: Spoilers. An acquaintance who was halfway through the book wasn’t liking it much and asked what it was that I liked about it. This isn’t exactly what I told her, but this is what I found I had to write out before I knew what to say to her about the book. I’m not […]

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Newfound Gap

Newfound Gap, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee See, straddle the line between two states, grasping the sign Tennessee and North Carolina, which are we in? (What a state we are in! Bedraggled travelers, We’ve been on the road quite a while North Carolina makes our ninth state in as many days.
 We camped last night and […]

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