Learning Notes Week of August 13

Learning Notes Week of August 13

Monday August 13

Bella cleaned off the prayer shelf in the dining room and dusted all the items. While she worked she and Sophie began to sing a litany of the saints. Eventually the boys and Lucy jumped in. Anthony grabbed his Saint of the Day book and added every saint he could, competing with Bella’s prodigious memory. Then eventually that petered out and the girls turned to hymns.

Eventually I managed to redirect the girls toward their school books. The boys I wrote off as a lost cause today.

Bella cleans the shelf.

Sophie did math and copywork. Finished her Beast Academy workbook.

Bella did math.

Then Bella decided to write a series of very short plays called Portraits of Mary. After writing a couple of them down, she recruited her siblings to act in them. We had a morning of dramatics. I was enlisted to be audience and to record them for posterity. I also helped with the blocking after the first two involved a lot of children with their backs to me. The later plays worked much better with a brief rehearsal. Bella’s cast really isn’t buying in to the project enough to really get their lines and blocking down. And there was some giggling, some stage directions and prompting from Bella.

After lunch we read Smith of Wooten Major and St Magnus. And that was all the stories we had time for.

At bedtime we read a couple of library books. One was a humorous picture book about collective nouns. The other was about Chetster Nez, the Navaho code talker.

The Star guiding the Magi.
The Star guides the wise men to Baby Jesus.
The Magi adore the Christ Child.
Herod orders the soldiers to kill all the male children.
Herod’s soldiers killing the innocent babies.
Mary, Joseph, and the donkey flee to Egypt.

Tuesday August 14

Bella: math, copywork, Latin, updated timeline

Sophie: math, copywork

Anthony: math, copywork

Ben: math, Bob book

We had our second to last Shakespeare at the beach meet-up. Discussed Act V. And also talked a bit about themes and supporting arguments for their interpretations with evidence from the text of the play.

Then the kids played on the beach. Caught crabs and minnows and a pufferfish. And one of the crabs killed one of the minnows. Some of the kids worked to make a wall out of stones. Bella found a bunch of gull feathers.

Listened to The Hobbit on the way there and back.

Bedtime story: two library books, one Elephant and Piggie and one about a square.

Wednesday August 15

Feast of the Assumption

No school work. Family went to Mass at noon.

Bedtime story: The Winged Watchman.

Thursday August 16

Bella had an appointment to get braces on the first thing in the morning.

Sophie did some math, no one else got any work done. The kids spent most of the day playing a card game of some sort.

In the afternoon I finished reading Smith of Wooten Major.

Then I had a doctor appointment.

Bedtime story: the first half of The Story of Salt by Mark Kurlansky

Friday August 17

Anthony did math, copywork, and read from Child’s history.

Ben did math, copywork, Explode the Code, and read a Bob book.

Sophie did math, copywork, and dictation.

Bella did math, copywork, and Latin.

Afternoon stories: St Magnus, Magna Charta, Book of Marvels, Story of the World, saint of the say (St Hyacinth) and daily lectionary readings.

Bedtime story: The Winged Watchman.

Bella doing math.
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