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Learning Notes Week of July 30

Monday July 30 Anthony: math, copywork, Child’s History. Also, discussion about his copywork (All the world’s a stage speech from As You Like It.) Ben: math, copywork, Bob book, Explode the Code. Sophie: math, copywork, dictation. Bella: math, copywork, read and narrated history (Sea to Shining Sea) and science (James Herriott’s All Creatures Great and […]

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Escaping the Waste Land?

Years ago I began an over-ambitious attempt at a blog series on The Waste Land (you can see the link in the menu at the top of the page), but then I was pregnant and quickly ran out of steam. I abandoned the series when I got to a sticky place and I never have […]

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  I’ve been reading Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky. It begins in ancient China, documenting how this mineral, which is necessary to human life, also became one of the first forms of currency and one of the first economic commodities, allowing people to preserve and transport food. In today’s Office of Readings is […]

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