Learning Notes Week of June 11

Learning Notes Week of June 11

After Mass piggy back ride.

Monday June 11

Everyone did math and copywork. Playdate with friends.

Stories: Son of Charlemagne, St Benedict Hero of the Hills, Story of the World, North with the Spring.

Bedtime story: Lost Lake by Allen Say

Fun with friends.
On her Kindle.
Late night.

Tuesday June 12

I had a doctor’s appointment first thing. Everyone did math and copywork. Ben also did Explode the Code. Bella did Latin.

Bella wrote a little dialogue poem and then performed it as a play with Anthony.

Afternoon stories: Son of Charlemagne, Secrets of the Universe, Book of Marvels, St Magnus, St Benedict.

Bedtime: library books.


The script:

1. It is decided.

2. Yes it is planned.
We go to Rio Grande.

1. No, it is decided.

2. Yes, it is planned.
We go to Baltimore and…

1. No, it is decided.

2. Yes, it is planned.
If you want to speak, just raise your hand.

1. No, it is decided.

2. Yes, it is planned.
We fly in an airplane. Won’t it be grand?

1. No! It is decided.

2. Yes, it is planned.

1. You just shut up, or I’ll take you in hand.

1. It is decided.

2. (fearfully) Yes, it is planned. . .

1. We go to a family reunion, just as planned.


Bella reading Elements.
Bella reading Elements.
Bella’s princess in prison.

Wednesday June 13

Feast of St Anthony of Padua, Anthony’s name day.

Everyone did math and copywork.

Ben read me a Bob book.

Anthony read to me from Chid’s History.

Sophie narrated a composition about St Louis de Montfort.

Bella did Latin and narrated a fiction story she was working on. I scribed about a page, but she kept going after that without my writing it down.

I made some muffins for Anthony’s feast.

Stories: Seabird, St Magnus, St Benedict, Secrets of the Universe, Son of Charlemagne.

Bedtime: Neverending Story.

Sophie is reading Exodus, book about St Louis de Montfort, and the second Scarlet Pimpernel novel.

Bella has been reading Hans Christian Anderson, re-reading Ivanhoe and The Scarecrow of Oz and A Naturalist Buys a Farm. Also dipping into The Harp and Laurel Wreath.

Anthony keeps grabbing The Neverending Story and reading it. He flipped to the middle and read to the end, then started back at the beginning and is reading his way back to the middle.

Sophie reads Asterix to Lucy and Ben.
Biggest and littlest.
Littlest storm trooper.

Thursday June 14

Anthony: math, copywork

Ben: math, copywork

Sophie: math, copywork, French.

Bella: math, copywork, Latin, composition.

Bella was re-reading A Little Maid of Old Maine and The Scarlet Pimpernel. Also reading the Elements book she got for her birthday.

Grocery day.

Afternoon stories: Seabird, St Benedict, Son of Charlemagne, Story of the World, North with the Spring.

Bedtime story: Bella read a library picture book to the others.

Princess Isabella.
Ben the warrior.

Friday June 15

Began the day with morning prayer read aloud.

Anthony: math, copywork

Ben: math

Sophie: math, copywork

Bella: math, copywork

Bella did a little math with Lucy too.

We learned a bit about pheasants, thanks to Anthony’s copywork. I looked up some pictures and movies to show the kids what they look and sound like.

I read a news piece about the death of one of the few remaining Navajo code talkers and read the kids his obituary but then also an article about the code talkers. So we got in a little history unexpectedly.

Listened to today’s lectionary readings while I brushed and braided Sophie’s hair and then she asked what Gehenna is and so we got a little geography/Bible history lesson. Children were sacrificed to Moloch in the valley of Himnon, in Hebrew Ge Hinnom.

Packed some sandwiches and went to World’s End in Hingham, one of my favorite places, for a picnic lunch and nature hike. Listened to The Last Battle on the way there and back.

Lots of nature observations, we hiked two and a quarter miles, the kids were all very happy to be there.

We had a quick pizza dinner and then went back out for a cub scout outing to the planetarium at a local high school. That had eyes shining and children grinning with pleasure. Bella asked a most perceptive question: since Polaris doesn’t move but the other stars do, can you tell time by considering their position relative to Polaris?

An excellent outing but it made for a late night.

After the other kids were in bed, Bella and I slipped out to see the crescent moon hiding in the maple branches and Venus dangling from a pine branch. We found Jupiter, her favorite planet, and she went to bed a very happy girl.

At World’s End.
Anthony reading acrobatics.
Anthony reading acrobatics.
Anthony reading acrobatics.
Anthony reading acrobatics.
Anthony reading acrobatics.
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