Learning Notes Week of June 4

Learning Notes Week of June 4

Monday June 4

Anthony: math, copywork, reading.

Sophie: math, copywork, poetry recitation.

Bella: math, copwork, Latin, composition (writing down one of their Star Wars games, the story of a character that she made up: Darth Maul’s personal service droid). Read me a chapter of The Scarlett Pimpernel.

Bella and Sophie spent a long time talking about The Scarlett Pimpernel with each other and with me.

Story time: Son of Charlemagne, St John Masias, Story of the World, Secrets of the Universe, Seabird.

Then we did the demonstration of Newton’s First Law from the SotU book.

Bedtime story: The Neverending Story

Bella is reading/re-reading/has recently finished: Lord of the Rings, St Philip Neri, Eucharistic Miracles, Seabird, I will Repay (Scarlet Pimpernel #2)

Seabird prompted by our visit to Mystic Seaport last week. As we toured the Charles Morgan I remembered the book and predicted Bella would be diving back into that old favorite of hers.

Ben was still feeling exhausted and a little under the weather after Saturday night’s cub scout campout and was totally not up for school work. I let him have a sick day.

Bella found a beetle.

Tuesday June 5

I had an appointment first thing in the morning but all the kids did math and copywork. Anthony also read to me from Child’s History.

Sophie and Lucy and I recited poetry we’d memorized to each other.

Bella is working on copying all the poems she’s ever written into one notebook.

After lunch we went to a matinee to see Solo. Because one great advantage to homeschooling is being able to go see movies midweek. After the movie we went out to our favorite pho restaurant, a very pleasant day. Of course there was much discussion about the movie

Bedtime story: Neverending Story.

Wednesday June 6

I had an appointment first thing in the morning but all the kids did math and copywork. Sophie did dictation, French, and read from Child’s Geography. Bella dug out a bunch of her favorite picture books and read them to Lucy.

Story time: Son of Charlemagne, Book of Marvels, North with the Spring.

Bedtime story: Neverending Story.

Bella reads to Lucy.
Bella reads to Lucy.

Thursday June 7

Anthony: math, copywork, Child’s history.

Ben: math, copywork,

Sophie: math, copywork, French, Geography

Bella: math, copywork, Latin

Bella and I went to the library. She finished A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver

Afternoon stories: Son of Charlemagne, Augustus Caesar’s world— finished, St John Masias— finished, St Magnus.

Anthony does copywork outside.

Friday June 8

Kids all did math and copywork. I went to urgent care in the morning for a cut on my thumb. Then I did the grocery shopping. No afternoon stories.

Sophie and Ben hard at work.
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