Learning Notes Monday May 21

Learning Notes Monday May 21

Purple iris

Monday May 21

Bella had a doctor’s appt this morning, so not much work got done before we left.

Ben did math and Explode the Code.

Anthony did math.

Sophie did copywork.

Afternoon stories: Alfred the Great, St Magnus, St John Masias, Story of the Chosen People, North with the Spring.

Bedtime story: Building the Way to Heaven: The Tower of Babel and Pentecost

Turkey in the neighbor’s yard.

Tuesday May 22

Everyone did math and copywork. Sophie did dictation and French as well. Bella dictated two compositions to me: a paragraph about her favorite poem and a paragraph about Queen Victoria.

Anthony read to me from Child’s History.

Augustus Caesar’s World, St Magnus, Finished Alfred the Great

Sophie had to finish the last few pages of The Neverending Story before she could start her school work.
Lucy reads a Bob book.

Wednesday May 23

Everyone did math and copywork. Bella did Latin as well and composition.

Went to the grocery store with the girls.

Kids played lots of Stratego.

No afternoon stories.

Bedtime story: Monk Who Grew Prayer.


Thursday May 24

Ben and Sophie began the morning playing multiplication Speed, a game that teaches kids skip counting. They were playing with the two deck and the five deck. Later Sophie and Bella played with the six deck and I think played one game with each.

Everyone did math and copywork.

Field trip to Blue Hills for a hike to the observation tower at the top of great Blue Hill and a visit to the Trailside Museum, run by the Audubon Society, a small natural history museum focusing on the ecosystem of the Blue Hills, that has a collection of living animals that were rescued and couldn’t be reintroduced to the wild: a bald eagle, a turkey vulture, various owls and hawks. There are a couple of foxes, some white tail deer, and supposedly some otters though I’ve never seen them. Also turtles and frogs and snakes and rabbits and geese and ducks. And they have a colletion of bird feeders where you can usually see hummingbirds, goldfinches and chickadees and sparrows… and sometimes other birds as well.

It was a tough climb but we all made it. And had picnic lunch at the top. There’s an observation tower and a covered shelter with a table where we could get out of the sun. Everyone had a great time, even if it did wear them out.

Bella has been working on braiding, making yarn braids, jump-ropes for her doll.

Fox at the Trailside Museum.
They made it to the top of the hill and the top of the tower.
The penguins enjoy the view.
Bella drinks in the view of the hills and distant Boston skyline.
Lunch at the top of Great Blue Hill.
Sophie communes with a snake.

Friday May 25

Anthony did math and copywork.

Ben did math, copywork, and Explode the Code.

Sophie did math, copywork, and dictation.

Bella did math, copywork, dictation.

Girls and I ran an errand.

Afternoon stories: began reading Son of Charlemagne, St John Masias, Augustus Caesar’s World.

Boys had cub scouts meeting. Sophie read Lucy the Tomie de Paola St Patrick book for her bedtime story. Dom read the boys Grandpa Green for theirs.

Anthony does copywork outside.

On Saturday we went to the farmer’s market, stopped by the beer store, and then went to a Memorial Day pool party.

At the craft beer store.
Lucy can stand in the shallow end now!
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